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Firgelli Robots Soldering Iron Kits with Stand - Input voltage: 110VAC

Soldering Iron Kits - Input voltage: 110VAC


110VAC Soldering Iron


Each soldering iron has a rubber sleeve handle and an extra screw-in replaceable tip that is plated for long life. The higher the watts, the faster the iron gets heated. Users can choose between 3 different watt options.

This high-quality soldering iron will outlast most standard irons, making it ideal for beginners looking for a good tool at an affordable price.

Kit includes: 1 soldering iron (30, 40, or 60W), 1 extra tip, and 1 stand.


* Input voltage: 110VAC

* Cord length: 1.2 m

* Weight: 250g


1.0 lb

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