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Firgelli Robots Three-Axis Digital Compass Unit - MAG3110

Three-Axis Digital Compass Unit - MAG3110


Three-Axis Digital Compass Unit - MAG3110


The MAG3110 is a small, low-power digital 3-D magnetic sensor with a wide dynamic range to allow operation in PCBs with high extraneous magnetic fields. The MAG3110 magnetometer measures the three components of the local magnetic field which will be the sum of the geomagnetic field and the magnetic field created by components on the circuit board.

Used in conjunction with a 3-axis accelerometer, orientation-independent accurate compass heading information can be achieved. The MAG3110 features a standard I²C serial interface and is capable of measuring local magnetic fields up to 10 Gauss with output data rates (ODR) up to 80 Hz. These output data rates correspond to sample intervals from 12 ms to several seconds. The MAG3110 is available in a plastic DFN package and is guaranteed to operate over the extended temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.


3.3 to 5.0 VDC Supply Voltage
7-bit I2C address = 0x0E
Full Scale Range ±1000 μT
Sensitivity of 0.10 μT

Dimensions: 16 x 17 mm

0.2 lb

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