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Firgelli Robots USB 2.0 Cable Type A to B

USB 2.0 Cable Type A to B


USB 2.0 Cable Type A to B


This is the classic.  USB A to B cables are super common for printers and other large peripheral devices. They are also the standard programming connectors for the Arduino UNO.
Besides the Arduino UNO, USB B is used on a lot of programmers and development boards. Here are a few other devices that this USB A to B cable will connect to your computer:

* Breadboard Power Supply USB - 5V/3.3V
* GPIB-USB Controller
* AVR In Circuit Emulator with USB Interface
* JTAG USB OCD Programmer/Debugger for ARM processors
* Development Board Atmel SAM7-64


* Length: 1.5 meters (6 feet)

* Color: black

0.2 lb

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