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Firgelli Robots USB 2.0 Panel Mount A to B

USB 2.0 Panel Mount A to B


USB 2.0 Panel Mount  A  to B


This cable is USB 2.0 High-Speed compatible.The USB Type-A panel-mount to Type-B Male provides indirect access to a USB device through a wall or bulkhead.

A-type connectors are the rectangular jobs commonly found on computers, consoles, and "host" devices, while B-type connectors are the beveled square ends commonly found on printers, scanners, and other large accessories.

The female end of this cable has a mounting hood, designed for easy installation on a face plate, panel, OEM enclosure, or surface-mount box. It has embedded nuts and includes mounting screws.

This cable has a black PVC jacket, and is shielded by both a foil wrap and a braid wrap. This is the highest grade of shielding available for this type of cable.

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