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Firgelli Robots USB AVR JTAG ICE Emulator Module

USB AVR JTAG ICE Emulator Module


USB AVR JTAG ICE Emulator Module


This USB AVR Jtag Emulator is a necessary device for programmers. It is an in-circuit emulator board used for debugging and programming of an AVR chip. It can easily be used without serial port because of its installed USB port. The board contains Power LED, TXD, RXD, Jtag LED so that the user can check the status of USB connection, communication, and Jtag-ICE operation. Select the serial port at AVR Studio to operate after installation of USB driver in PC.

ISP function is restricted to Mega chip series, connects to target with JTAG cable (10 Pin). When upgrading, install VTG jumper to operate JTAG-ICE with USB power. The AVR chips that emulate debugging with AVR JTAG ICE at real-time are ATmega16, ATmega16L, ATmega162, ATmega162L, ATmega169, ATmega169L, ATmega32, ATmega32L, ATmega323, ATmega323L, ATmegha64, ATmega64L, ATmega128, ATmega128L, AT90CAN128. Also, burning chips with JTAG is available except debugging with JTAG ICE.


* Wide operating voltage, support 3.3V

* AVR Jtag-ICE for USB

* For AVR Studio (Debugging)

* For ISP programming

*  2 x 5 Pin connector

•* 2 x 5 Pin flat cable provided

* PCB measurement: 58.42mm x 31.75mm

* Weight : 9 grams (excluding 1 piece of flat cable)

0.2 lb

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