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Firgelli Robots USB Programmer for AVR / 51 Controller

USB Programmer for AVR / 51 Controller


USB Programmer for AVR  / 51 Controller


This device is a programmer for AVR-based controllers. The programmer emulates an STK500 on a virtual serial port, making it compatible with standard AVR programming software. Two additional features help with building and debugging projects: a TTL-level serial port for general-purpose communication and a SLO-scope for monitoring signals and voltage levels. A USB A to Mini B cable and ISP cable are included.

This USB AVR / 51 MCU Programmer is an extremely compact, low-cost in-system programmer (ISP) for Atmel AVR mirocontrollers, which makes this device an attractive programming solution for AVR-based controllers. The USB AVR programmer connects to computer's USB port via an included USB A to mini-B cable and communicates with your programming software, such as Atmel Studio or AVRDUDE, through a virtual COM port using the AVRISPV2/STK500 protocol. The programmer connects to your target device via an included 10-pin ISP programming cable.
The programmer is powered by the 5V USB power bus, and it is intended for programming AVRs that are running at close to 5 V (note that the programmer does not deliver power to the target device).

Supported Operating Systems: The programmer supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Supported Microcontrollers: The programmer works with all AVRs that can be programmed with the AVR ISP interface and 51 MCU controllers as AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53


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