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Firgelli Robots ZIF Socket 40-Pin 0.6 inch

ZIF Socket 40-Pin 0.6 inch


ZIF Socket 40-Pin 0.6 inch


A ZIF (Zero Insertion Force Socket) allows you to insert and remove chips easily from an existing circuit. These are often used for chip programmers or when you need to test a chip without damaging it. Move the lever up and chips drop right in. Move the lever down to 'latch' the chip in place.

This is a high-quality, easy to use 40 pin ZIF socket that is 0.6 inch wide with gold-plated contacts. Compatible with 0.3 up to 0.6 inch wide ICs up to 40-pins. Makes for easy connecting or programming to many DIP ICs. High conductivity terminals create solid connections. Armature makes it easy to open and close socket.


* Fits up to 40-pin DIP chips, in 0.3"-0.6" width
* Overall body size: 0.9" x 2.6" x 0.46" (23mm x 66mm x 12mm) - not including lever or pins
* Pins are 0.6" apart (fit into a 0.6" socket) and 2.8mm (0.11") long
* Fits and works in a breadboard


0.5 lb

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